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Apr. 6th, 2017

After this post, I will no longer be cross-posting to LiveJournal either here or on [dreamwidth.org profile] brief_transit (yeah, I'm going to look into a more fic-friendly layout for it this very day), nor will I be reading my LJ flist. I will not delete either journal, but all activity (hah, I know, "what activity?") will be solely on Dreamwidth.

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Destiny Blather

Having finally gotten my Outbreak Prime a couple of weeks ago and also finished up a lingering Striker subclass quest with the help of an arc burn heroic Undying Mind strike, my Titan has a completely empty quest page! She did ALL THE THINGS! I'm so proud of her. ... of course, then I went and picked up the Plaguelands Patrol quest from Shiro-4 even though I hardly ever go on patrol anymore, so. *shrug* It was beautiful while it lasted, though! And kind of a weird feeling. My Warlock and Hunter have a ton of quests each left, alas, mostly since I have a bad habit of not abandoning exotic weapon quests even though I have no intention of doing them a second or third time, so everyone's stuck on stage one or two of the Touch of Malice quest plus a bunch of other random things I don't care about repeating.

Anyway, since my Titan has basically won Destiny, my main goal for her now is to get all her Y2/3 complete armor sets up to 400 and then do activities in the appropriate attire (including shader & emblem because one must commit). So far I have the Witness set from Prison of Elders, the Harrowed War Numen's set from King's Fall (finished infusing it all up RIGHT BEFORE they announce every raid getting brought up to 400, haha), the Taken set, and the Spliced Cosmoclast set from Wrath of the Machine complete, so that just leaves my Y2 Iron Banner set, and I only need to infuse the helmet up for that. (At some point I have to re-acquire most of the actual Days of Iron gear for her, because it really is cool-looking, but most of the perks don't work all that well for the way I play her. D: And the Y3 Iron Banner gear is basically the Days of Iron gear but slightly less cool-looking, so I'm not bothering with it.) I will probably do a screenshot spam at some point, my Warlock has also got some lovely mix-and-match gear sets to show off and my Hunter has the full Spliced Nanomania set.

... yes, I know I play this game too much. /o\ At least it's only my Titan that I'm spoiling with the complete sets - FOR NOW. Because everyone is going to need those fancy-ass ornamented armor sets coming with Age of Triumph. *___________*

Other things going on in my life? Haha I have no idea what you are talking about.

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Mar. 13th, 2017

I'm alive! Really! And I've been doing things besides Destiny! ... not a LOT of things besides Destiny, but still. Some. Thesis corrections continue and with luck (and lack of laziness) will be done soon.

Destiny-wise, I would be ashamed of all the raiding I've been doing but really I regret nothing. EXCEPT THAT I DON'T HAVE THE WRATH OF THE MACHINE RAID SHIP YET. Whyyyyyyyyyy. I got three Agonarch Karves before Rise of Iron dropped BUT STILL NO SIVA SHIP FOR ME, despite an embarrassing number of raid completions. I am also SUPER HYPED about the Age of Triumph reveal and can't wait to crack open that record book, even if there is a Trials of Osiris page. Stupid Trials. *shakes fist*

God, I don't know, I felt I should post an update but I don't really have anything to say. I'm tired all of the time GOOD NIGHT.

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Feb. 22nd, 2017

GUESS WHO GOT A MOTHERFUCKING HARROWED MOUTH OF UR AND IS NEVER EVER TAKING IT OFF \o/ AWWWWWWWWWW YEAH COMPLETE HARROWED SET FOR WARLOCK, GET! (And Ascendant Plane as a shader looks way better on my warlock than I thought it would, which is a pleasant surprise.)

I also finally got spliced Nanomania Grasps for my hunter last night, so I think I have all the complete hard mode raid sets I could desire! Except for Vault of Glass/Crota's End, but I must be honest, I have no vault space whatsoever for collecting complete sets of VoG/CE armor for anyone. D: I guess it would be nice to have a full Wrath of the Machine set for the Sibyl, but I don't really like the warlock helmet and she's so very uninterested in SIVA and the Devil Splicers when SAVATHÛN AND XIVU ARATH ARE STILL OUT THERE, YOU GUYS. (Even if Destiny 2 isn't Hive-focused, which is okay because there's so much else to be explored still, I hope we get a few hints/bits of foreshadowing about what Savathûn and Xivu Arath are up to and whether we might be seeing them in the future.)

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Feb. 15th, 2017

I am alive! I have not been up to much, really. Lots of internet, lots of Destiny, some writing, some tearing my hair out over thesis corrections. (I am actually not even on the corrections proper right now; for some reason Microsoft Word on the Sibyl decided that the thing to do with my thesis's final draft was STRIP OUT 90% OF THE ITALICS AND BOLDING, so I am going through and putting that back in and fixing the occasional spot of awkward wording/bad footnoting and will worry about other corrections later.)


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Worldbuilding Exchange Letter

Dear Worldbuilder,

Hi! Thank you so much in advance for creating for me - I'm super excited about this exchange and pretty easy-going when it comes to gifts, so please don't get too stressed out, I'm sure I'll love whatever you make. ♥ This is the first time I've done an exchange like this, so please bear with me if I make any weird missteps in the letter, and absolutely feel free to get in touch with me via the mods or anon comment if anything is confusing! (Fic-wise, you can also always check my Yuletide letters of Yuletides gone by for more details via my yuletidings tag.)

Likes/DislikesCollapse )

Hopefully none of that has scared you off, so let's get down to fandom details!

DestinyCollapse )

IconoclastCollapse )

MarathonCollapse )

And that is probably WAY more information than you needed... /o\ Again, I am super easy to please when it comes to gifts, so please don't stress too much and just have fun with whatever you come up with, and I'm sure I'll love it!

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Okay, thesis corrections, you would be going much better if a) there were no Destiny to tempt me and b) SO MANY OF MY ITALICS HAD NOT GONE MISSING. There are 327 pages in this thesis! THAT IS A LOT OF TEXT TO PUT ITALICS BACK INTO! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. (I mean, at least thank God they were there in the version that the examiners actually got, but I do not understand what happened to them in the file I am working with. It's the same program that I created the final version in! There is literally no reason for this!)

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I have not actually been swallowed whole by my new computer! Although if I stare too long at the background it seems a distinct possibility. Holy shit, the resolution on this screen is INCREDIBLE and everything looks incredible - except, of course, for anything I have ever touched with Photoshop. /o\ DAMNIT, TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS. (Art friends, do not worry, your stuff still looks great! It's just my icons and art and photos that look horrendous.) Also, for some reason I have had trouble picking a color profile for the display I actually liked; I have settled on CIE RGB for the moment, in the interests of not being blinded by meme's layout, but it does make other things look a bit washed out. And I really miss the scroll arrow buttons in scroll bars, WHICH I HAPPENED TO FIND VERY USEFUL, GODDAMN DESIGNERS, WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THOSE AWAY.

Anyway. Other things I have been up to:

- Finished reading Crooked Kingdom! It was a very satisfying ending and I am pleased all around, except for one thing, but even that seemed like a fair enough development, just A SAD ONE. But the rest was excellent. A+ duology, will definitely re-read. Next on book list: The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis!

- Watched more Shoujo Cosette, which really is a surprisingly decent adaptation of Les Mis. I mean, not animation-wise, because the art and animation are very mediocre, but it keeps a whole lot of detail and plot stuff (though not the digressions, haha). A lot of the sheer brutality of the poverty Hugo describes isn't there or is softened, since I guess it's meant for a younger audience, but it still manages to keep a decent amount of Hugo's views on education being important and feeding people and stuff. Alas, Marius is still a complete goober.

- Went on a madcap dash through all four raids (normal mode) in Destiny last night with a group from the100 in less than four hours! It was pretty fun, but a bit exhausting, too. (And really it's hard mode I need to do for all of them - to try and get Necrochasm/Vex Mythoclast from the first two, complete my Warlock's HM King's Fall armor set, and get my Warlock to 400/complete all the HM armor sets for Wrath of the Machine - but that would have taken much longer than four hours, hah. And it never hurts to practice a bit on normal mode.)

- After reading [dreamwidth.org profile] skygiants's review of the K-drama Age of Youth/Hello, My Twenties!, I started watching it and now I'm eight episodes in and I want to marry EVERY CHARACTER. ... maybe not Yi-na, because she would stomp on me, but that's okay because she is still amazing (and she can marry Jin-myung and they will rule the world). I LOVE THEM ALL IMMENSELY. ... BUT ESPECIALLY JIN-MYUNG I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND I WANT TO BUY HER SHOES (THIS MAKES SENSE IF YOU WATCH THE SHOW, I PROMISE). The first episode made me cry because Eun-jae and I was HOOKED thereafter. Daily life drama is usually not my kind of thing, but all of the characters are just so great. Also the opening song is ridiculously catchy, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

- ... I made a tiny start on corrections for my thesis? I am not good at prioritizing. D:

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New Computer


I must admit, looking at it, I'm not sure it's a Durandal, but I haven't gotten past initial set-up yet so I don't want to rush the naming process. Still - well, it just may be more of a Sylith. Or, influenced by my recent reading, a Wraith. (Sadly there are no AIs in Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom, but New Computer is so slim and trim that Wraith sort of suits it, and I do adore Inej.)

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So, I was going to write up an amusing saga for you all, but I'm lazy so to make a long story short: It snowed and iced; my computer is not here quite yet though it is supposed to be here today according to a text; and the heating in the apartment died and the ETA for repairs is "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" due to aforementioned snow/ice and many other people losing heat, so I am making do with a space heater that is doing its very best, the poor little thing. My dad's electrical bills are going to be astronomical, I fear. D:

Snow and an excuse to stay home with my XBox and computer and books are normally my two favorite things, but the heating situation is making it a teensy bit less enjoyable than it usually would be. (So many unpleasant flashbacks to the House of Filth in York... At least my acrimonious divorce from that radiator means I am free to marry the space heater.) Still, why would I let a little thing like my toes freezing stop me making the best of things? MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE LAST FEW DAYS:

- Played way, way, way too much Destiny. Did Crota's End and King's Fall normal mode on my warlock, did Aksis Phase 2 + challenge mode heroic (... kind of, it glitched and got complicated) on my Titan, did full Wrath of the Machine heroic (NO CHALLENGE MODE GOD WHY IS IT SO HARD) on my Hunter and got some SWEET-ASS loot so now she's 400, got my last three Supremacy wins for the Rise of Iron record book FUCK YEAH, and soloed Challenge of Elders (for the first time) on my warlock for a bounty + fun and managed to get the high score. Oddly I am most proud of soloing CoE, since I don't solo fireteam activities (daily heroics don't count) very often or - ever, actually. I'm not about to go take on Oryx single-handedly, though. XD

- Lest you think ALL I did was play Destiny - I also picked up the Master Chief collection for (reasonably) cheap on Monday and have been cheerfully blazing through Halo CE on Normal. ... okay, I say "cheerfully blazing" but what I mean is "FUCKING FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT INVISIBLE ELITE COME FROM FUCK OFF I HATE YOU ALL WHAT MONSTER WOULD CALL THIS SETTING 'NORMAL'." Despite these setbacks, I have managed to get to the Library. Oh, 343 Guilty Spark, you're just so obviously up to no good, and the discovery of the Flood remains creepy as ever, even knowing that it's coming. I am a bit annoyed that I can't seem to toggle between original graphics and updated graphics (I have a lot of fond Blood Gulch memories, okay), though hilariously the cutscenes all seem to be original graphics? Or at least the ones of Cortana in the control room and Pvt. Jenkins's helmet camera were. I have no idea what is going on there.

- I am also actually reading some books for once! (I HAVE FALLEN SO LOW, SOB.) I got Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo for Christmas because I was enamored of the bindings and intrigued by the summaries. Six of Crows was a bit slow to start but then had me hooked on the characters and heist plot, and I am a bit over halfway through Crooked Kingdom now. They are not deathless prose, but seriously, A+ CHARACTERS AND RELATIONSHIPS, and a neat setting, and HEISTS. WITH MAGIC. A lot of fun, some nice diversity (I'M ROOTING FOR YOU, JESPER AND WYLAN), good reads all around so far. ... I will let you know if the end of Crooked Kingdom disappoints.

I also picked up a copy of The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis on lemone's recommendation plus reading the first chapter; haven't gotten any further yet since I want to finish Crooked Kingdom first, but am very much looking forward to it.

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